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  • Schwingen is considered a national sport of Switzerland.

    The match takes place in a ring, a circular area with a diameter of 12 meters that is covered with sawdust. The two opponents wear short pants made of jute over their clothes. The wrestlers hold each other by these pants, at the back where the belt meets, and try to throw the opponent onto his back.

    The most important Schwing festival is the Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest, which takes place every three years. The winner of this tournament is proclaimed Schwingerkönig and receives a bull as his prize.

    Advertising and sponsoring is shunned at Schwingen. Successful Schwingers do not receive cash prizes but natural prizes, like cow bells, furniture or live stock. These prizes may be sold for money.
    The best Schwingers at a festival are given a wreath, the winner of the Eidgenössische is given the title of Schwingerkönig (schwinger king).

    Here you see the design of the Schwing festival in Frauenfeld 2010.
  • scribble of the arena
  • oak leaf
  • acorn
  • design of the oak-leaf garland
  • oak-leaf garland with sponsor
  • portrait of an old schwinger king
  • schwinger king - killian wenger
  • flag
  • poster
  • realization / esaf 2010 frauenfeld