EROS | Intimate Couples Massager

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  • Intimate Couples Massager
  • Eros is a conceptual massage device for couples designed to encourage intimate encounters of variable intensity: from a back rub to foreplay. Designed to fit conformably in any hand, Eros is the perfect accessory for any couple looking for a way to add a bit of extra spice into the equation.

    Eros is water and ointment resistant, allowing users to try all kinds of different oils and creams that help stimulate other senses. This massage device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet powerful enough to awaken new sensations. A delicate matte finish on  its massaging side, silicone borders and shiny upper side make this a truly gorgeous device to use. Its one button UI makes it very easy to operate and activate on of two pre-programmed functions (pulse & vibrate), it can also be used in off mode depending on the mood.

    To charge the device you simply lay it on its dock, the orange light will turn on and it will wirelessly start charging via electromagnetic induction. Device and dock together look discrete enough to leave on your bathroom counter or on the edge of your jacuzzi. No direct connection pins mean this device can be charged, hazard free, in a wet and humid environment.