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  • "Advance to the next level" with Lara Croft & Ericsson
    Lara Croft - Powered by Ericsson
  • Before the JV of Sony and Ericsson, Ericsson had already partnered with various studios on certian movie sponsorship packages that created full through the line opportunities - starting with product integration - NOT just product placement.

    On of the last under the Ericsson brand was with the first of the Tomb Raider series. A platform was built to integrate multiple products in various usage situations.

    The partnership was activated as Tomb Raider gave Ericsson the opportunity to build fully integrated marketing campaigns driven by sales opportunities and brand awareness. The partnership was created from the onset of production that allowed Ericsson a starring role in the movie. Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) relied specifically on Ericsson in numerous action sequences.

    The multi-media campaign featured across Asia pacific, Europe and the America's with TVC in selected markets, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Web, Promotions and extensive PR.

    I was lucky enough to be sent to Cambodia during the filming sequences there, to be on-set to work with producers for product integration and usage adaption.