EPastis - The Cake Of The Future

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  • EPastis - The Cake of the Future

    Epastis, "the cake of the future", was a mapped cake shown at Gastronomika 2009, San Sebastián, Spain. It was a show composed by three parts, and I was charged with making the Loquillo's cake motion typography, visible at he end of this video, by the communication agency Zoopa (in a very little time!).

    It all was commissioned by the famous confectioner Christian Escribá, who talks at the beguinning.
  • The article of El diario Basco about the Cake of the Future, 26 November 2009.
  • This is the original video of the motion typography subsequently projected on the real cake.
    The soundtrack is Loquillo's "Cadillac Solitario".