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Packaging two biological food products from Épico's farm, in Azores.
This pack is composed due to the olfactive features of the cheese. It's presented in a box that can be reused, on that, next time people can buy only the cheese and spare the box's money. The box provides the smell from spreading, protects the cheese and is also much more presentable in the table.
Red Cabbage
The package to this product was developed taking in account the simplicity that vegetables should have when presented to the consumer. With this in mind, i decided to use just a blue sticker, that will make the product stand out between the others, and at the same time the consumer can see for himself the vegetable's condition and decide which one to take.
The propuse of the farm's communication is basically, to have fun. The true color and flavor of organic food on nowadays monochrome kitchens can cause people to love cooking again, to open new horizons and get out of the routine. Our layouts are simple, and use colors that you don't normally see on other food products. The typography i developed is also very free and kind of fun, because which one is based on the product features.
So invite your friends, fill up your fridge.. good and quality food is already guaranteed!
Hope you enjoy!
Thank you