ENZEN - Corporate Brochure

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  • Enzen is derived from two words - It means to enable Zenism. Or in other words a acute sense of focus in order to deliver a high rate of efficiency. When Enzen wanted a corporate brochure, we kept the above in mind and went about defining it in every page.
  • ZEN. A Japanese word derived from the chinese term ch'an. Which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit
    term Dhyan. Dhyan, is the ultimate state of focus. It is not relative, it is absolute. It means to concentrate on
    the necessary; to trimming our thoughts and efforts in achieving the highest degree of results. It means to use all our resources to one effect, one cause. And to streamline everything around us towards that cause.
    Today, Zen as a principle has become a highly pursued sentiment. Every sector of business, every field of
    our lives, we yearn to achieve Zen. But we don't know it yet. That's because most people know Zen by it's
    other name. Efficiency.

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