ENVY Controllers

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    Bringing custom controllers to an audience that leaves no room for error: gamers
  • This project started just how i like it - from the ground up. I consulted heavily with the current owner before the site had even chosen it's name. After plenty of late night brainstorming sessions, the answer was clear: the controllers were meant to be envied and that meant choosing a name to fit. Thus envycontrollers.com was born and it has all the attitude and feel of advanced technology that gamers are craving.

    Since the beginning, the owner had thoughts of expanding beyond controllers, so when I conceptualized the mark and typography for this client, I made a calculated move that owner loved. What was that you ask? We made the logo modular. The mark that pairs with the typography can easily be fitted with a different icon (instead of a controller) and the word "controllers" can be replaced with any number of different product lines such as apparel. Overall, the logo is perfect for a start-up company in this genre and is foaming at the mouth to expand in the market.
  • This last mock-up for the website was thrown in to show the client the attractive nature the site could have to potential advertisers. The site is ready for modular ads, as well as a full "wrap", in this case we used RedBull as the brand matches the audience perfectly and doesn't compete with our client.