ENUF campaign

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  • ENUF
    Ambient Ads of Social Campaign
  • Campaign Objective
    To educate the young girls about the different form of abuses.
    Encourage them to share their own stories on our websites.
    To let them know about WAO’s (Women's Aid Organisation) existence.
    An organization which the girls could seek help and shelter.
    Finally, to lead them to the best solution which is to empower themselves so that they could fight against abuse.ENUF, a short form commonly used by teenagers for the word Enough.

    ENUF is also a movement to EMPOWER girls with knowledge and awareness about abusive relationships.
    It strengthens girls to rise and say NO against violence. It is also a movement to UNDO all shames and guilts,so that everyone could unite to FIGHT against violence.

    A fictional crime scene will be installed in malls like Tropicana City Mall. The location is chosen because of the populated amount of young shoppers. 
    Facts, functions of the weapons and verbal abusive words will be imprinted in the crime scene. The scene is predicted to look really chaotic. Audiences can grab our Posters from the shelf on the side.