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  • ENERGY BALL 2009
    Third world has been dealing with chronic shortages of electricity. They have been living in the dark. Even small amount of power will be very useful for them
  • When you kick the ‘Energy ball’ , it will be recharged by converting impact energy to electric energy through piezo elements in the ball. The more and harder you kick the ball, the more electricity will be recharged. Simply the user will be able to recharge the ball by playing with it.
  • Electrictity, Which is recharged by kicking, is collected inside of the ball and it can be used as electric power for a iight bulb coupling with the ball.
    By using the Energy ball , They will play by day and will study with it by night
    IF design award 2009 - 4000 EURO PRIZE
    Red-dot award 2009 - Winner