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My workflow
On this project, I want to show you my typical workflow when it comes on creating my vector artworks. Honestly, I'm tired of making vector portraits but I just can't get rid of it when boredom strikes.  Here's my step by step process. 
First, Choose your reference. Having a high resolution photo as your reference would be better.I got a very nice photo of the band(Eraserheads) from Mari Arquiza  (If you ever see this, I hope you'll not get mad.) This is a portrait so you don't really have to think of a concept, but most artist think of concepts on creating portraits and that's way better than just tracing a reference to make a vector portrait. In this case, I chose the easier way without getting headaches thinking of ocean-deep concepts. :P
Next, doing the "Line art" thing
For me this is the most fun and exciting part of making a vector portrait.
The next part is coloring.

On choosing your colors, you don't really have to follow rules. just let it all flow. In this one I chose vibrant colors.
This is how shading and highlighting work. They're far better than just using a single color.
Imagine a vector portrait without a lineart. o_0
Here are some of the details.
We're almost done. but choosing or making a background adds life to your portrait. but I kinda have a headache so I didn't choose a detailed background. A guitar head would do...
Here's the other version of it.. I don't usually stick with my first choice of colors. Experimenting is still the best way.

There it is and thanks for reading. hope you didn't get a headache after reading those grammars of mine. I'm not listening to my English teacher when I was in school. lol