ELUMIA - web/app

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    controlled trough a mobile application, via wi-fi. 
    The objective was to create an airy, lite feel with both web and app design (the later uses adaptable gradients that will change according to the plant you grow), with minimal design and information per page/slide and smart, simple transitions between devices.
  • - product and app presentation
    - responsive website 
    - wi-fi light control application
  • *font used: RALEWAY (light + regular)
  • The elumia app is a wi-fi remote that lets you monitor energy consumption and set grow-lamp temperature, light cycle, etc. It has a "library" of exhisting presets (plants) with detailed information on how to grow/water/fertilize... them, but also enables you to set your own.
    All important information is directly visible on your home screen - set elements from here - select desired setting - circle swipe to desider value.
    Swipe down features a timeline indicating the light cycle of a specific plant. Swipe left/right enables you to operate more than one grow light.