• Elections
    Interactive posters
  • This project was realised for Russian President elections 2012.

    The problem is that Russian students ignore voting.

    The goal of the project is to make them vote.

    The solution was to put five interactive posters in Ural Federal University. Each posters showed one of the candidates whose face was composed of empty sqares similar to voting slip ones. Students were to make their choices and draw ticks using the felt pens hanging aside. Before the project started all the portraits were pale, but later due to student's voting-ticks it started getting more visible. So, everybody could see which candidate was winning.

    The results: a lot of students took part in these art-elections. After participating they got interested in Russian political life and discussed the real forthcoming elections.
  •  Vladimir Putin 
  •  Mikhail Prokhorov 
  •  Vladimir Zhirinovsky 
  •  Gennady Zyuganov 
  •  Sergey Mironov 
  •  "Ugh!!!" 
     "I don't vote!" 
     "Putin asshole!" 
  • Despite Putin received just a few art-votes and a lot of negative opinions in this project, still he has become Russian President. Again.