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  • This time around the new tasting menu at Astrid&Gaston "is the cuisine, turned into a new experience, in which art, music, literature, design and fashion come together to intervene space and time, so every bite can stir the senses, reflection, memory, emotion. "

    To celebrate the Italian migration and its integration to Peru, Gaston Acurio brings together artists and designers from different fields to develop "EL VIAJE: a journey". It is the story of tens of thousands of men and women, sons and daughters of Liguria, who for various reasons choose to emigrate to Peru and since then with a fraternal embrace to the cultural integration, it has been gradually giving life to a new world to the Italian memory and Peruvian heart, all transmitted from the fine dining experience.

    The menu is divided into five acts. Our work in this project was the artistic and creative direction.
  • Video "EL VIAJE" by Eduardo Delgado & Neil Gayoso

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  • by Nagisa Otsubo, Jieying Li & Guillermo Fajardo
  • Act one: La Partida / Valija de Viaje, by Mercedes Salem.
    Act two: La Travesía / Sirena Inca, sculpt by the plastic artist Abel Bentín.
    Act two: La Travesía / Cabeza de Neptuno, sculpt by the plastic artist Abel Bentín.
    Act three: La Integración / Mar, by the industrial designer Loreta Haaker.

  • Act three: La Integración / La Red, by the industrial designer Loreta Haaker.
    Act three: La Integración / Dragon de mar, sculpt by the plastic artist Abel Bentín.

  • Act five: El retorno / Piramide Trunca, design by the plastic artist Marcelo Wong.
    Sketches made by the designers and artists for the tableware, under the EL VIAJE concept
    La Pulpería / restaurant bar, concept by Jieying Li & Guillermo Fajardo of Jumping Lomo
    Artistic photography by Alejandra Vera Matos / Documentary photography by Lima Antigua
    El Salón / restaurant main room, concept by Nagisa Otsubo
    Artistic photography by Alejandra Vera Matos
    General Management: Gastón Acurio
    Gastronomic Management: Diego Muñoz, Emilio Macias, Elba Velarde & Ruben Escudero
    Sweet World: Astrid Gustsche & Rafael Bautista
    Maridaje: Julio Barluenga & Héctor Díaz
    Room Management: Luis García
    Creative & Art Direction: Guillermo Fajardo, Jieying Li & Nagisa Otsubo
    Tableware Design: Abel Bentín, Sonia Céspedes, Loreta Haaker, Gonzalo Palma, Mercedes Salem, Carlos Runcie, Edward Venero, Sofia Vidal & Marcelo Wong
    Artístic Photography: Alejandra Vera Matos
    Music Direction: Bruno Sánchez
    Video: Eduardo Delgado & Neil Gayoso
    Costume: Amaro Casanova & Pal Zileri
    General Production: Angelit Meza & Erika Schuler
    Comunications: Alejandra Arispe
    Historian: Gonzalo Torres
    Written by: Jaime Bedoya
    Photos: Ines Menacho /  A&G Files / Jumping Lomo Files
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