• (Branding & Video)
  • El Camino Foodtruck is our answer to Monterrey's gastronomic needs. Its menu caters for all tastes, ranging from vegetarian options to delicious Texas-style hamburgers and sandwiches. The spanish/english combination in its name is a play with words which aims to communicate these flavours.
    For this project we developed and exhaustive graphic language  which is constantly growing. The aim is to make the Foodtruck very recognisable through its easily identifiable graphic style. Americana and biker tattoos are two strong influences, expressing the truck's rough and Texan personality in an appealing way. El Camino Foodtruck is a tribute to an artisanal approach, from the meticulous preparation of the food it serves to the creation and implementation of its visual language that was conceived in pencil and paper and later hand drawn directly on the truck.