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    The whole story starts with us meeting a Berliner called Flo. Or rather it might have started at a different point, when we we took a trip to Berlin, taking home a friend who started wearing a little to much weight on his shoulder.
    In short this friend mentioned a damn good place to eat where between noon and 3 they served the specialty of the house. Fellas, that meal turned out to be more than delicious!
    We just dropped by, eating, drinking, and havin' a good time.. however I only managed to get a small taste of the soup.
    Flo came into the picture just around the time when it turned out that he is the owner. He was cooking, and taking care of everything in the shop and offered us dinner.
    I couldn't exactly remember how we ended up in the club Watergate, but we definitely visited the place.
    There are photos to prove that all this happened..
    and this is just the beginning