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  • Ein Farbentagtraum / A Color Daydream
  •  Every year our client – a color coatings company –  invites main clients from the automotive industries to a presentation of the current Color Collection in form of a Color Show.
    or this event a special theme has to be conceived that always accords to the annual Global Trend Book Theme, which in 2012 was «WIDE AWAKE». 
    Since the Color Show 2012 took place in a theater, the design concept around William Shakespeare's «A Midsummer Night's Dream» was developed and «A COLOR DAYDREAM» was created. The Color Show itself was presented on the stage as a play, devided in different acts, so the clients were invited as VIP premiere guests.
    Based on this concept invitations, programs and the book were designed. To reflect the  classiness of the invitation of this event the printing technique of letterpress was chosen,  rounded down with high class paper and beautiful typographic illustrations.
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