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    Is a cultural platformdedicated to the creator's promotion and original works. Wewant to promote ACCESSIBLE, limited and original works.
    We are a group of people who try to searchfor good art, and trying to get people close to this art. We are trying to showthat the "ART" its not anymore just for galleries and museums, wewant that the people have nice pieces of art in their own house, we want toshow that people like u and me have our own style, Our own art collection. Wewant that you become an art collector. We want that your house doesn't looklike  a catalog of a big shop.
    Trysomething different. The works that we sell in EDICIONES EL MUERTO are unique limitedpieces and we do not produce in series. “We want to begin the epidemic to convertyou into an art zombie”
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  • We think that the works of the artists speak themselves. Try something different.
  • A great piece of artwork.
    The Polynesian Gods have sent us a royal
    piece, done with their own hands!!
    Tikki Mugs
    to decorate your home and make a great toast with your friends and gods!!!
    Tikkio Mugs to decorate and adore your beautiful life!