• This project consists on the conceptualization and development of a brand identity and experience from a platform that shares, recollects, destroys the annoying and anger experiences of Londoners in a witty way:
    The branding development is presented in form of three platforms: a mobile application(as shown in this video), a website and a collection of fanzines.
    The project explores the behaviour of a person when is hating something from a social perspective and explores the most common annoyances of Londoners.

    This is the Major Project for the MA GRAPHIC BRANDING AND IDENTITY in the London College of Communication. 
  • With the information taken from the Mobile App and the website every month a fanzine comes out talking about want topic only. 
    In the issues the topic is chosen depending on the most popular ones seen in the website. It also appears the "destroyed" pictures of the users with their caption. 

  • First Issue
  • Second Issue. 
    THE RAIN. 
  • Third Issue