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    E2G2 aims to bring together cities, businesses, and community together into one place. The aim is the create a neighborhood network, reorganizing communities so they work with one other rather then agaisnt by using new and exisiting ideas, as well as tools, into one place making everything easier to get to. E2G2 wants to help everyone feel as if they were a local in every city helping cities work together with local businesses to build a better community for those that live there.
  • E2G2 mobile app
    Aims to bridge the gap between cities, businesses, and consumers. Helping bring businesses and consumers together in a brand new way, by organizing communities and making everything "easy to get to." 
    Aim of the app is allowing a uniformed access from cities, business owners, and organizations that lack the ability to self market themselves online and mobile the ability to do so as well as for communities get support.
    Buisnesses can now use this app to market themselves freely on mobile, post deals, events, and edit their business listing, as well as be able to renew their business license.
    Cities will be able to allow residence to submit issues, request to the cities directly such as provide ability to report any issues such as graffiti or even pot holes in the city. Cities can also edit and their profile and have a better connection to the the community in which they never had before and talk about the history of the city and how they are trying to help the community.
    Community organizations can help get the word out with crowd giving abilities which allow others to come and a support local organizations and clubs withing their communities.