E - Learning (Online-Based Blended Learning Portal)

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  • E-Learning (Online-Based Blended Learning Portal)
    Web Development, Programming
    This project was developed from scratch by Junius P. Amar together with the application of PHP Login Script v2.3 developed by Balakrishnan.

    My role for this project:
         • Front End & Back End Programming
         • Database Configuration and Structure
         • User Interface Design
         • Image Slicing
         • Debugging

         • PHP
         • MySQL
         • HTML/XHTML
         • CSS/CSS3
         • JQuery/Ajax/Javascript
         • CMS from scratch

    Tools used:
         • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
         • Adobe Photoshop (Portable Version)
         • Wampserver

  •  About this project

         Back from my last year of taking a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, I developed an e-learning system which was entitled "E-Learning: Online-Based Blended Learning Portal". It is a content management system with an application of social media responsible for delivering information and course related materials to students and faculties of the University.

    Front End / Back End

         I am responsible for the development of front end and back end of the system while utilizing PHP as the web scripting language and MySQL for the database. The project is covered by three sections: A Student Control Panel (with a special role of teacher & administrator), Teacher Control Panel (creator of course related materials) and Administrator Control Panel (for user account settings and overall features).