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  • E-Concierge
  • E-conciergeis an electronicversion of a conventionalconcierge. E-conciergewill have a web portal in which each resident will have a unique ID to registertheir needs. These needs would beregistered at a central location, from where it would be processed and catered. E-concierge serviceswould include services from  callinga plumber or ahairdresser or even request some house hold help for a specialoccasion.
    The bell has been used over thecenturies as an instrument to signal!
    e-concierge is a service, whichprovides the convenience of getting service at ease through the internet forthe residents of  a particular apartment.
    Inspired from the belland the internet, the logo is made  with a distinctive identity which wouldget imprinted in the minds of the users of the service