Dynamic. Branding

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  • Dynamic is a company dedicated to the translation and interpretation of languages​​. They offer certified services and language solutions, developed by professionals and supported by technology.
    Modik decides to create a corporate identity that reflects these values​​. For the development of the brand has worked on the concept of different and multiple languages​​, which are always associated as a symbol or object, a flag. The flag symbol, recognizable by anyone in the world, is brought to the field of the written word. Giving a typographic treatment, the structure of a paragraph, shapes the brand together. The logo becomes the headline of this paragraph and the symbol, an abstraction of 3 lines of text, in addition to the logo in order to obtain the “Dynamic brand”.
    Thus we get a insignia for Dynamic, his flag. This will represent a place that will accommodate all languages ​​of the world. Under this insignia will be a group of people who provide language solutions and translation services, while the new technological advances aside existing specialized translation.