• Armymuseum
    A bang once again
    The Army Museum in Delft and the Military Aviation Museum will be merged into the new National Military Museum (NMM) in Soesterberg. This museum is built on the former airbase Soesterberg and will open in the fall of 2014. Moving the entire collection and the preparation of the new museum takes a long time. To carry out this operation, The Army museum closes it’s doors after January 5th, 2013. 
    In the last months there will be an extensive program of events during the Christmas holidays and of course the last day, January 5, 2013, a truly spectacular farewell to the city of Delft (with lots of balloons).
    SILO illustrated a series of festive dynamic images, in which historical objects from the Dutch military history once more come to life in the form of balloons, just before they are ‘released’.