• "Dustland" is a cinematic sounding improv that I recorded with the Fence Bass.
    This instrument has a rough and edgy sound since
    it's all made of metal, so I imagined a piece that could work in a modern Western film, I'm a fan o
    f the genre.

    Everything is created in real time, no pre-existing loops, additional tracks or post-efx involved. 
    I built a chain of processors in Live that I control with a pedal board, all rhythmic parts and ambiences are derived from whatever sound/noise comes from the Fence Bass. I hope you'll like it!

  • Video
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  • On the right you can see the screenshot of Ableton Live, the DAW I used to perform "Dustland".
    The parameters of the sound processors were connected to the keys of pedal board.
  • Since I only needed one microphone I recorded through the Apogee One.
  • The track "Dustland" is available at my Bandcamp page (if you wish to download it for free or name your price).
    It's up also at my
     Soundcloud page.