• Dunkin' MIB3 Capture
    App for iPhone & Android
  • Tired of aliens always capturing our humans and cows? It's time to turn the tables, thanks to Dunkin' Donuts and Men in Black 3. Capture the alien known as Spikey Bulba and keep him in your phone. Play with him, feed him Dunkin’ Iced Coffee and Donuts, and so much more.
    Just like you, Spikey needs his Dunkin’ to keep him running. When you feed him, you’ll unlock this little four-eyed alien’s abilities. He’s got a couple of games to play with you, and a few alien moves you’ll just have to see for yourself. Need more Dunkin’ for Spikey? Simply check in at Dunkin’ on foursquare® to earn even more virtual food for your little alien. DD foursquare® check ins are built right into the app. If you choose, you can even share your time together on Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Your phone will never be the same. Because there's an alien inside of it. And he runs on Dunkin’.

    Only available until June 30, 2012, and only available in the US, due to licensing and legal rights.

    My Role: Designer
    Client: Dunkin Donuts & Columbia Pictures
    Agency: Hill Holliday
    Production Company: Tool of North America
    Creative Director: Jeremy Stabile
    Art Director: Alex Voltz