• Recently I bought a turntable to use it for an experiment, but that didn't turn out as I was expecting.
    Then, I noticed the equally spaced ridges on the plate and got an idea for something else.

    For about an hour I recorded short musical phrases by rubbing leaves against the turntable (the type of leaf, angle, pressure and fold determined the sound), then I combined the different takes together.
    Every element comes from those recordings, including the bass, kick and snare sounds (shaped with EQ, compression and resonators).
  • Detail of the custom finger mounted microphone.
    By keeping it so close to the leaves, their sounds were amplified into much larger ones.
  • On the leaf you can see the vibration that generated the sound.
  • While I was recording I started using other leaves I found in my garden. 
    With this one I created the bass line and tone for the Kick Drum sound.
  • For those of you into technical details, this is the gear I used to record, API preams/EQ/compressors, along with a Røde NT5, Apogee Ensemble interface and Pro Tools.
  • Big thanks for the camera work to Luca Severi and Gianfilippo de Rossi!
    If you'd like to see more of my musical projects based on trees and other natural ingredients check out Music from a TreeMusic from Nature and Transformed Rain. Enjoy!