• Dude is a reverse contrast cowboy font thats got true grit. It's not about weight, its about style. Twelve different serif styles inspired by country musics legends. Whiskey drinking, train hopping, fist fighting, hard loving, prison breaking, men and women, who poured their hearts out in song.
    Now available from Lost Type Co-Op
  • Dude is sold on a 'pay what you want' model, but if you donate $40 you get this swell specimen book. Hard cover, cotton linnen case bound, 3 color offset, steer driving book featuring the work of... 
    Jesse Southerland, Steve Decusatis, Chaun Osborn, Greg Christman, James Edmondson, Teresa Wozniak, Beggers & Thieves, Patrick Macomber, Mauricio Cremer, Mike Smith, Oh! Revior, Justin Mezzell, Eight Hour Day, Jenny Tondera, Jim Liszczynski, Julie Frey, Neuarmy, Trevor Baum, Linda Eliasen, Heads of State, Tim Gough, Jeremy Dean, Emir Ayouni, Rick Murphy, Ted Guerrero and Riley Cran. 
  • Now available from Lost Type Co-Op