Duality of Man

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    Mankind has long abandoned the simplicity of merely surviving. We exist today as builders and destroyers, living in a continual cycle of building, breaking, building and breaking. These actions also carry consequences, many of them are irreversible. Although ideas do not require manipulation of physical space, actions do. And these actions, whether they lead to creation or destruction, contribute to more entropy. It is strange that our fate is tied to the constant equilibrium of the two opposite forces. A mace is both a weapon and a building tool, and is made from the body of another living being. In a sense, everything that we see today is also created from the essences of other beings. And because we are the accumulated apex of those living things who willingly and unknowingly sacrificed for, we are responsible for the future of Earth-kind. Whether we choose to build for the better or destroy what we have, that is in the hands of the beholder.
  • Additive and subtractive project for TMP I at the Stamps School of Art & Design