• DromoArt
    Visualising Spanish Art Mobility: an “Infographic”
  • From June 14 to July 1 at Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Visualizar’11: Understanding Infrastructures offered an international project development workshop and a theoretical seminar where selected papers were presented.

    I participated in both the seminar and the workshop; you can see my seminar presentation here. From June 16 to July 1 I participated in the Dromoart project, organised by Arquitectura Expandida and Microgramma. Other participants included Gaston Gontero and Cristina de Miguel.

    The project is about mobility of Spanish art ({im|ex}ports to/from Spain). We made a prototype of visualisations during the workshop; reflecting on what we can do next, I made this “infographic” below (collection of visualisations rather than narrative, hence the quotes).