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Illustrations derived from dreams.
An illustration series
Goldfish Father
I dreamt that if my father touched water, he’d turn into a goldfish. During the flood, I had to carry him on my back to escape to higher grounds. I was a chicken.

Dreamt on March 17, 2011
Steal Whale

I dreamt that once in humanity, no one understood how to give proper births. So mother-wanna-bes stole babies from the wild and taught them to become human. The conscious from the baby monsters eventually grew up thinking they were indeed people, because there were no mirrors for the monsters to see their true selves.

When the monsters mature, they started looking for love. No one wanted or could love a monster. And the monsters of course didn’t want to choose other monsters because they saw themselves as human beings. The monsters became unsatisfied with the world of make believes, and people just kept on making up extravagant lies trying to hide the truths.

Dreamt on March 17, 2011