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The Sega Dreamcast [Delta], or the resurrection of a myth. Brief: Revival of Sega's cult game console, the dreamcast.
The insight of the project was really to take the best of the 90's Dreamcast and then re-interpret it to make a new game console inspired by the old one.
That's why, work on the controllers and a new multiplayer experience was obvious!
The Disc driver allows a full backward compatibility with games of the fisrt generation.
All the new games will be fully donwloadable on internet.

Thanks to its network connectivity, the Dreamcast [Delta] will recognize phones, touchscreen tablets, smartphone for young gamers but also regular wireless controllers for true casual and hardcore gamers if needed.

Everyone need his phone to do things more appropriate than play;  that why, there is a fast inductive charging system on the top of the Dreamcast [Delta].
An adatative and universal case is provided with the game console to adapt to every device and accelerate the charging. We can now play and then recharge our smartphone easily.
Size: Lengh x Width x Height = 200mm x 188mm x 40mm    (technical plans on first page)

Nowadays, it's sometimes difficult to plug our game console to our tv because all the connections are behind the device. We generally turn the game console, hold it in a risky way and move the furniture.
Thanks to this new shape, we could have more space to connect the game console without moving it.

In the same way, electronic devices are sometimes hidden in furniture or under other equipment, forbidding air circulation.
Thanks to triangular shape, the elevated silver foot, the elevated top surface and this huge perforated side create an powerfull air flow all aroud the dreamcast.
Brand Identity Design:

Delta means 4 in greek. I wanted the name and the shape to be closely link in order to have a heavy impact on the market.
4 also means go further than the market.
Nowadays, the names are around the number 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo "Wii" 3 letters...) 

I wanted the Dreamcast [Delta] to be the fisrt one of a new generation; just like in the past