(Some of these works are available for purchase)
'Friesian Stallion' - with fancy head stall
'Clydesdale  Mare' - Alpine View Taneisha'
'Black Clydesdale Colt' - Zarocko Storm (Rocko)
'Clydesdale Stallion'DT Oliver
'Friesian Stallion' - free hand style
'Clydesdale Mare Sleeping' - Archenbrick Rose
'Quarter Horse Stallions'
'Clydesdale Foal'
'Friesian Stallion' - Maiko 373
'Friesian Stallion' - Droomwals
                                       'Friesian Stallion'                                       
'Friesian Stallion'
'Heading Home'
'Clydesdale Mare & Foal' - Taneisha with Rocko
'Friesian Mare & Daughters'
Friesian Stallion' - night scene
'The Friesian Horse'
'Chance' - our golden horse
  'Friesian in the Night'
'Andalusion Stallion'
'Arabian Horse'
'Friesian Stallion' - Jolmer van Twillen