Drawing 2

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  • One of the first homework assignments in the class was to draw a still life.
  • One of the field trips we went on during the semester was to the Museum of Science, Boston. We went to the Pompeii exhibit to draw the human figures, animals, and other artifacts they had on display as well as the museum's ¬†interior¬†architectural spaces. For homework we had to start putting these sketches together in one composition, which we finished next week in class and then later again for homework.¬†
  • This is a figure drawing assigment that we did in class in which we were encouraged to play around with color and the arrangement of props. For instance, that easel wasn't really blue, that tape was actually yellow, and both of those things were not on the couch.
  • This was my final project for the class. I decided to take various items from my school's restore and arrange them in a unique compostion.