• Drambuie: The Premise

    Agency: SapientNitro
    Art Director: Matthew Arbon
    Interactive Designer: Garth Sykes
    Illustratior/Animator: Alex Varanese

  • SapientNitro commissioned me to create a collection of animated 3D scenes based on my Urban Cartography series for Drambuie's "The Premise", a contest in which entrants submit designs for building their dream bar. Despite the compressed timeline, I created everything with just enough detail to survive at 17x12" / 300dpi, ensuring their usability in both video and print.
  • Here are some additional detail shots from each scene:
  • Street promotion in Australia put the print pieces to use:
  • Judging was held at SapientNitro and recorded for use in promotional videos. Sadly, I was stuck in dumb ol' America and had to submit my votes via absentee ballot (or email, as it was also known).