Dragon Ball Z : Saiyan Saga

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  • Dragon Ball Z  : Saiyan Saga
    Real Live Action
    Hello Dragon Ball fans out there.I would like to share some of my artwork for the Dragon Ball Z  Real Live Action movie.This artwork is inspire from The Vegeta Saga (Episodes 1~35) in Dragon Ball Z comic book.Hope you like it !

  • The Vegeta Saga, originally known as the Saiyan Saga in the Japanese and Ocean dubs, is the first saga from the Dragon Ball Z series. Its main plot concerns the arrival of three humanoid aliens, known as "Saiyans", to Earth, looking for Goku first, and the Dragon Balls later.
  • From this picture.There are many of the cosplayers try their best to design the Saiyan Armor costume .Some look cool and some look really awful.Thumbs up to K&K Production with their effort to bring back the real live action Dragon Ball Z movie.Their Saiyan Saga trailer are more awesome than The Dragon Ball : Evolution  Movie.
  • All this picture is belong to the respective owner.
  • Prince of Saiyan Vegeta
  • Prince of Saiyan Vegeta : Close up

  • Nappa

  • Nappa and Vegeta