Downwind Home - Far Away From Here - 2012

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  • Downwind Home - Far Away From Here - 2012 HD

    This was filmed between 1st and 24th of August 2012 while I travelled 2400km counterclockwise through Germany. My journey led me from my hometown Nuremberg via Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Marburg, Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Weilheim in Upper Bavaria back to Nuremberg.

    My goal was to see more of my own country of which large parts I had never seen before. On my way I captured several impressions; the busy life in big cities as well as the beautiful nature far away from any civilization. All along my journey I was constantly accompanied by moving clouds. 
    Life is nothing but a journey that leads home.
    Downwind Home.

    Using the time lapse technique I was able to show marginal changes in the environment, changes which usually happen too slowly to be noticed b
    y the human eye.

    On August 12 I drove up to the mountain of Amöneburg, Hesse, to capture the meteor shower of the Perseids which can be seen at 02:02.

    Four days later on the Großer Feldberg
    , the highest mountain (878 m) in the Taunus Mountains in Hesse, I captured a beautiful sunset, the moving stars, the flashing lights in the valleys and the airspace including air traffic of the nearby Frankfurt Airport. (See 01:40)

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    LSB & Stamina MC feat. Sian Sanderson - Far Away From Here

    "Far Away From Here" is part of the "Overthinking EP" by LSB
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