Douwe Egberts Promotion

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  • This project was part of the YCN student briefs. I chose this brief because it was very open, we had a great deal of creative freedom, meaning we could focus on either the products that they sell, or the promotions that they use. I chose the Douwe Egberts brief because of the interesting subject matter. We were asked to make the instant coffee product popular with a younger audience, and make them want to drink it at home.
    I decided to concentrate on creating a promotional campaign.
    After much researched, I decided to create a range of posters, focusing on the negatives of coffee shops such as Costa coffee and Starbucks, thus making people more likely to want to drink at home. I focused on typography work, because of the theme of coffee shops at the moment; this will make it more appealing to the target audience. I also create a promotional campaign, based on the 3 posters designs I created.

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