Douro 41

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  • Douro 41 hotel, villas, spa & river marina
  • Douro 41 comprises a luxurious hotel together with a cluster of 25 touristic-residential villas to be used as a second dwelling, a global investment worth 20 million Euros.

    Back Box produced the 3D photorealistic images and film for the property's marketing collateral.
    The attention received during its public display in the 11th Lisbon Real Estate Show eventually led to the award of the "The Best Real Estate Project of 2008".

    One of Black Box's main goals was to illustrate the relationship between the inner-spaces of the building-complexes and the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding Douro winery region. Special care was also given to the reproduction of natural light in the desire to endow the 3D representation with a photographic quality that places the spectator within the milieu of the Hotel.

    Architecture: Serôdio, Furtado Arquitectos
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