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The communication is the main problem in the chronic-disease child’s world.The purpose is to gather the actors around a product close to the chil… Read More
The communication is the main problem in the chronic-disease child’s world.The purpose is to gather the actors around a product close to the child, that will become a tool of communication, of information and of storage concerning the child’s disease. Read Less
To begin, I would like to say that this project was a great human experience.
I did this project with Juliette Bouilly, Hortense Desodt, Julien Bouchers and Coline Thibault.
I understood that it was impossible to become the target.

That's why, my principal aim as a manager was to implement a strategy of collaboration design.
We were in contact with an hospital to get the knowledge as fast as possible :
Doctor, neuro-psychatrists, health managers, psychologists, nursing auxiliaries and laboratory clerks.
The best way to understand our target was to integrate the hospital, to find the principal characteristics to study.

We understood that the game was the best way to work with kids.
A strategy of creativity with the game was created especially to develop a collaboration-design methodology with the ill child.
We observed that the world of the kid is extremely complicated and messy.
We decided to create a cuddle toy, aimed at desacrating the illness, with an hardrive inside to centralize information in an interface. 
We understood with the neurocomportementalist that kids need a neutral cuddle toy, adaptable in every situation.
We choose 4 versions with the help of 104 kids. We also studied the best way to integrate the hard drive inside the toy.
The parents’ interface had to be simple, that's why I will focus on the kid parts.
We understood that serious game was the best way for the kid to learn and to understand.
We did a small world with 9 games regarding the illness, the diet and the treatment.
The aim of these games is to assimilate and integrate «good» schemes so as to transform dialysis a moment of pleasure.
Let's see the kid interface. 
A small world with 3 buildings, symbols of the diet, the illness and the treatment.
I will present you three games, one inside each part.

"Illness game”
It's a racing inside the dialysis machine. At the beginning, the world is dirty and at the end,it becomes clean.
The aim is to teach that the dialysis cleans the blood.
"Diet game"
It's a research game in which you have to guess the component of each food.
The aim is to teach which type of food is allowed for the ill-patient.
"Treatment game"
It's a rapidity game. The child has to find the right medicine for each ill character.
The aim is to teach that every medicine is important.
It's a complicated project, that's why it's important for me to justify it with a scenario.
The welcoming
An emotional support
An assistant
A module of information and communication
Merci pour votre attention.