Double Doomsday to Germs

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  • How we launched Domestos as an ultra thick bleach with detergent added formula to UAE
    The Challenge
    We needed to launch Domestos in a market almost completely owned by Clorox. However Clorox is a thin bleach that doesn’t kill 100 % of germs whilst cleaning. Housewives needed to mix different disinfectants and detergents to obtain the desired effect. Domestos, on the other hand, is an ultra thick bleach with a detergent-added formula. We wanted to demonstrate how Domestos offers the perfect solution, by changing cleaning into a hassle-free exercise and assuring homes would be 100 % germ-free.
    The Solution
    On 22nd May 2012, we stormed into the market bringing ‘Double Doom’ to the germ world and the competition, which led to the launch campaign. The next Generation Of Bleach was here. With a 360 degree plan, integrating outdoor, sampling, instore and demos, Domestos was everywhere to be seen. The germ story came to life: germs had resisted the attacks from ordinary thin bleaches, but now Domestos was coming for them.
    The Results
    One million samples were distributed at bus shelters, high traffic metro stations and directly to the doors of 50,000 homes. Ensuring that the product was in the homes of housewives in the region drove trial as an effort to swipe away competition for a germ free society.
    In only 2 months after launch, the full 8 month targets were reached. In July 2012 readings showed a 5.4% value share* across the Gulf (target was 5% in 8 months). Four times faster than planned.
    This integrated campaign won a Bronze in Non-Food FMCG at the Effies 2012