Dos mil dotze punts. A poster for Comuniza

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  • Comuniza wanted to celebrate its second birthday. To illustrate this illusion they “bundled” some design studios to reinterpret these two years of life. It had to be with a personal look expressed in a color poster of 50x70cms. I was one of those studios, together with Belda, Bold, Extra!, Form & Co, Hey, Luna, Marga Oller, Marta Sánchez, Josep Maria Mir / Summa, Much, Nom Nam, Quique Lopez & Miriam Ortega and Rosa Llop. My proposal consisted of the drawing a number 2 set at 2012 points. The number 2 is built as a puzzle composed by three different pieces that can be seen as a 0, a 1 and a 2 in themselves. The style, a didone with extremely high contrast, and the colors give the party mood.

    Here you can see how was the exhibition!