• How do you get an entire city that would rather watch football than listen to classical music excited about the arrival of one of the best conductors? With the first ever living clockwork: the Countdown Orchestra. 

    Twelve tireless musicians played for 24 hours in a row 21,600 bars and 86,400 individual notes from a custom-composed score on a stage in front of the concert hall in the heart of Dortmund. This unique musical experiment marked the beginning of star conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen’s residency at Dortmund Concert Hall. Music lovers around the world watched the event via live-stream.

    The Countdown Orchestra – The first living clockwork the world has ever seen.
  • Awards // ADC*E (1x Gold), ADC (1x Silber, 2x Bronze, 1x Auszeichnung), NY Festival (2x Finalist),
    LIA (1x Finalist)

    Credits // please check under DESCRIPTION