Corporate web-site for a road development project bureau

    We consider this project as our little victory, because we were able to achieve really interesting result with exceptionally conservative client. Dorproekt is a project bureau with a very long history, starting in 1930-es, so you can imagine what kind of bureaucratic obstacles and old-fashioned way of thinking about design we had to overcome.

    However, this project started with an idea of transforming a blank sheet of paper into a well-designed plan of an extremely complex transportation route, because that is just what Dorproekt purpose is all about. So, we've put 6 main stages of road-design on a screen, and made a user to see eventually each one of them. With every next step of road planning, visitor is able to understand the complexity and beauty of a road design.

    There was also a problem with internal navigation. We've decided to put a GTA-style mini-map for navigation in upper-third of screen, while supporting it below with traditional menu.
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