Doritos Packaging Concept

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  • This project was based on one of the YCN briefs where they asked from designers to create a totally new packaging concept for Doritos. Unfortunately, when I saw the brief the deadline was very close, but nevertheless I developed it.
    The shape and the texture of the Doritos chips are used as the base of this packaging concept.
  • What's good about the form of the packaging is its structure which can keep the chips closed after opening. Below you can see how this system works with the scaled-down prototype.
  • Currently I'm developing illustrations which can replace the textured solid colors. I also invite every designer interested in collaboration to create artworks of his own.
    The artworks can be submitted inside this facebook group:
    Please download the Doritos Template Pack ( which contains two different layered psd templates (see previews below) ready for you to apply the artwork.
    I would really love to see what you will come up with!
    The Croatian Design Society organized a workshop for children aged 7-14 years where they were given the task to create artworks for this packaging. It is a great honor to be part of this and see the way these young designers think. I would like to thank to Izvorka Juric for organizing this.
    Here are some photos from the workshop:
  • Photo Credit: Dragana Iles, HDD
  • Leon Bokun, 12 years
  • Lovro Baletic, 11 years
  • Luka Mahmuljin - Udovcic
  • Roko Hoic, 8 years
    I wrote a tutorial how to create the packaging in 3DS Max which you can read here.
    I also talk how to use 3D software as a tool for generating new ideas.