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An entry for 'Doritos King Of Ads 2010'.
One Day

Doritos opened a competition where the public could produce a 29 second advert, that followed their 'have fun and share' brief. We only started storyboarding this idea with 3 weeks left of the competition. This is what we came up with...

This was a concept built from an idea of imagining that Doritos were credit. If I could spend Doritos as money, what would I recieve back? More Doritos!? Yes, this project was made with a budget less than £10, we wanted to make our new world seem as through human existence thrived off this corny snack. The shots were made with minimal permission at hand and so had to be quick and with the least amount of equiptment available. As you can imagine, filming on the train and the bus had to be brief as the actors and crew go kicked off after about 5 minutes each time.