Dora The Explorer Parody Cartoon

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    Robosalt Cartoons A collection of YouTube cartoons created between 2006-2008 that I co-wrote, directed, and animated to promote events at my high school.  Whlie intended for a high school audience of only 4,500, the videos have a combined 16 million views on YouTube. Made using Toon Boom Studio.
  • Dora The Explorer: Find a Date 
    Nick Jr.'s own Dora the Explorer embarks on a journey to find a date, just in time for her Turnabout dance where the girls ask the guys.
    This video was intended for my high school of 4,500 students to promote a school dance, but has generated over 15 million views on YouTube.
    Uploaded January, 2008
  • A cartoon promoting High School Girls Basketball at our school

    Uploaded 11/2006
  • My first cartoon. for the School's annual Homecoming Parade

    Uploaded 09/2006