Doodle Draw Sketchbook

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  • I and two of my friends had this boring afternoon during the day we left for Bicol. To kill time, we went to a mall near the bus station and did some window shopping. Out of nowhere, we came to this store called “Papemelroti” - a store popular for paper products most likely for crafts and scrapbooking.
    Right there I’ve found a very interesting notebook with pages in old brown color and completely blank. Since I’ve been looking for a new sketchpad for a few days, mostly in local bookstores, I decided to purchase the rare find.
    With some dose of creative concept and some strokes of my pens, I’ve created a brand new sketchbook for my new love, doodling. A doodle sketchbook is just a perfect catch.
  • The cover is very interesting as I did some tweaks in the Google site logo and transformed it into “Doodle Search” sketchbook, replacing the letter G’s with D’s.
  • I’m currently starting to fill up the pages with lots of doodles and here are the what I did for the first few pages. :)