Don't just stand there! Report and stop child abuse.

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    Child abuse happens everyday, often in front of witnesses. 
    Unfortunately, in many cases, it passes unreported. 
    Although child abuse is widely regarded as unacceptable, witnesses often choose not to react and report it. The goal of the campaign was to warn them that non-doing is as harmful as doing itself because it doesn't break the vicious abuse cycle. Pretty campaigns help, but sometimes people need to be a little… enlightened.
    A simple intervention on a traditional medium: With a little help of a motion sensor spotlight, people became participants and were faced with the consequences of turning the blind eye.
    Señor – independent agency for communication and branding

    Creative director / copywriter: Vanja Blumenšajn
    Account director: Iva Kaligarić
    Designer: Imelda Ramović / Ivana Rubelj

    Director / Editor: Boris Miletić, Vanja Blumenšajn
    DOP: Ivan Slipčević
    Producer: Iva Kaligarić
    Postproduction: Sanja Šiljković
    Light: PaLiGaSi
    Photo: Damir Žižić
    Hrabri telefon:
    Ella Selak Bagarić
    Hana Hrpka
    Jelena Tomić
    A very special thanks goes to:
    Outdoor Akzent, Slaven, Petar, Marta, Ana, Katarina, Luka, Vedran, Lucien, Goran, Marko, Iva, Hrvoje, Marcela, Sanja, Avdin, Luka, Ivona, Maks, Đurđa, Ljiljana, Stipe, Željko and many others.
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