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Poster design dedicated to Saving The Kimberley, Australias "Last Great Wilderness".
Here's a poster design I recently created dedicated to Saving The Kimberley, Australia's "Last Great Wilderness". 

The poster will soon be available for sale, with 100% of all profits donated to Save The Kimberley and Sea Shepherd Australia.
This video will sum up the issue for you:
"Can you tell me how you would feel if the church you went to all your life, the church that you sang at with your parents, your grandparents, the church that your grandparents and your great-grandparents are buried at, how would you feel if that church was bulldozed and had a gas plant built on it? How would you feel about that because that’s exactly what’s happening to my friend Joseph Roe.” - John Butler
Save The Kimberley:

Sea Shepherd Australia :