Donation Box for the Benaki Museum

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  • For over 80 years, the Benaki Museum has been contributing to society with a rich and multifarious cultural oeuvre. In order to continue supporting and promoting culture for the benefit of society, it is deemed necessary for the Benaki Museum¬† to be able to cover its expenses and raise its own funds, a challenge for all at this moment of time.
    For this purpose there was a need for donation boxes to be created for each of its departments, so the Benaki Museum commissioned their design to our department, with the initial desire for it to be interactive, non energy dependent and for each donation box to be especially designed for each of the 5 departments of the museum.
    In 16/12/2011 - A Campaign for the Support of the Benaki Museum started
    with the moto ''Setting the pulse together!''.
    Our design team by that time had already come up with tree concepts one of which was the ''Heart'', having read about the history of A.Benakis and his request for his heart to be buried in the walls of the museum, so we continued with the concept of the ''Heart'' which was ultimately chosen out of all of the proposed concepts to be placed in all 5 departments of the Benaki Museum, as it represented the campaign directly at that time (2012) and was a plan that fitted the majority of the Benaki Museum buildings.
    The project was created in collaboration with Kanellopoulos Ioannis, Karaoglou Vasiliki and Larozas Frangiskos.
  • The Benaki Museum department in Piraeus Street